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Not Getting Enough Online Sales?

We Don't Stop At Creating A Great Ecommerce Website. We Get You More Customers By Advertising On Facebook, Google & Instagram.


(Amplus Marketing is available as an add-on to Amplus Ecommerce)

How Does Amplus Marketing Work?

  • It Selects Your Best Products

    Your product catalog is analyzed real-time to predict trending & high converting products

    Runs Targeted Online Ads

    It targets the most relevant audience for your products & shows them compelling ads

    Does Email & SMS Marketing

    It sends personalized email & SMS campaigns to retain more customers

    And Increases Your Sales!

    It not only gets you new customers, it also increases sales from your existing customers

Automated, Yet Full Control!

Automated, Yet Full Control!

A smart algorithm automatically selects your best products & targets the right audience. An easy-to-use dashboard lets you modify campaigns & monitor its progress

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Reach Out To Your Customers Wherever They Are.

Amplus-Marketing helps you promote via Facebook, Google, Instagram. It also does personalized Emails, SMS & on-site marketing

Hands-on Assistance

Along With The Algorithm, There Is An Expert At Your Service

Along With The Algorithm, There Is An Expert At Your Service

Higher ROI

Gets You The Most Bang For Your Bucks!

Intelligently targeted campaigns based on your customer's behaviors & interests, that leads to higher conversions. Our clients have seen up to 4x ROI on their marketing spends.

Plans & Pricing

   With Amplus Marketing you can create smart marketing campaigns that get you more sales.
   *Prices start at Rs 15,000 per month

15,000 /-
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Automate Your Online Marketing & Increase Your Sales Now!

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